It consists of:
  • acceptance laboratory;
  • laboratory of physical and chemical analysis of output;
  • microbiological laboratory;
  • unit of radiation control;
The production laboratory exercises:
  • hysical and chemical, microbiological, radiation quality control of input and additional materials, package;
  • regulation of output quality during the technological process;
  • physical and chemical, microbiological, radiation quality control of output;
The laboratorys work is held according to the control schemes stated by the director and the major doctor of the Lepel district. The results of the control are reflected in the special journals. According to the results concrete measures are working out. The laboratory is supplied with the necessary equipment providing accuracy of the research.
The stuff is:
  • the head of laboratory;
  • leading chemist;
  • microbiologists (two people);
  • chemists (four people);
All the specialists of the quality control department are qualified and can conduct the research properly.