Company today

Today Lepel MKK is a modern dairy plant, one of the largest producers and exporters of powdered milk and butter in Vitebsk region.

Lepel MKK is located on the west of Lepel and covers 12,989 ha. The plant is fully resourced and provided with intensive infrastructure.

The plant has its own railroad spur connected with railway station Lepel what makes possible shipping not only by trucks, but also by rail.

Lepel MKK has the next production departments:

  •         Canning department
  •         Skim milk powder department
  •         Whole milk products department
  •         Butter department
  •         Ice-cream department.

Lepel MKK also has some departments for providing of manufacturing process:

  •         Transport department
  •         Boilerhouse
  •         Compressor section
  •         Construction department
  •         Engineering workshop
  •         Electrical department
  •         Warehouses.


The main advantage of our products is its quality. The quality of the products produced at Lepel MKK has been estimated not only by customers but also by specialists. The products have been awarded with prizes and certificates at different national and international exhibitions and competitions.

Naturality of  Lepelka products guaranties their safety for consumers and their favourable influence on consumers health. Choosing Lepelka products means making the right choice!

All products are certified in compliance with

        STB ISO 9001-2009 — manufacturing powdered milk and butter from cows milk

        HACCP — safety management system of production and storage of raw pasteurized cream, condensed and concentrated milk, butter made from cows, powdered milk products and powdered milk with sugar

        FSSC 22000 — production of whole milk powder, partly skimmed milk powder, skimmed milk powder

        accreditation by CNCA for export to China skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder, whey powder, butter, cheese.

Lepel MKK produces:

  •         Whole milk powder 25-26% fat content, instant whole milk powder 26% fat content, whole milk powder with sugar 26% fat content, skim milk powder 1,5% fat content, cream powder;
  •         sweet cream butter 82,5% fat content, sweet cream butter Krestjanskoe ot Lepelki 73% fat content salted/unsalted, sweet cream butter Krestjanskoe 72% fat content;
  •         whole-milk products: drinking milk, sour cream, curd, cuard snack, kefir beverage, ryazhenka;
  •         ice-cream (more than 20 kinds).