Milk and the Vedic philosophy

Ayurveda is a science of life relating the life of man and the life of universe. It is considered to be the most ancient and complete medical system on the Earth. The main Vedic postulates were recorded earlier than two thousand years ago in India. The Tibetan medical school also was mostly based on them.

Milk is a form of energy

Bovine milk is the most wonderful and inexplicable product in the universe. It incorporates the whole wisdom and tranquility, emanating from the Superior Entity of God. Milk is a powerful tool for regulation of our consciousness. An old wise sentence says that the more milk is consumed by a community, the higher is the level of its civilization, and the less is the occurrence of wars, as milk directly influences the degree of pacifism.

Milk and the Cosmic Creation

Milk is derived from a cow which feeds itself mostly on grass. Grass is imbued with the energy of planets. Milk as such contains the energy of the Moon. Thus milk is Heavenly nectar containing all kinds of energy, and therefore is legitimately called a beverage of the Saints.
According to the Vedic tradition, the Cow is a sacred animal. It is not by accident that Mother-Nature meets us with milk, when we are first born on the Earth. Drinking milk has always been considered natural and healthy. Fifty-a hundred years ago, hosts used to welcome passing strangers with milk instead of water.
The bull and the cow have always embodied innocence. Those who do not drink milk are more susceptible to intoxicating addictions, gambling and prostitution.

Milk and Reason

Milk fills the life of man with reason. Reason is a force which helps discern the good from the evil, the useful from the harmful. Milk changes the mans reason for better. Hence, milk is the best means of prophylaxis and treatment of alcoholism, smoking and addiction to drugs.
Milk and alcohol are absolutely incompatible. Milk helps develop a sense of responsibility for committed acts, while alcohol completely destroys a sense of duty even towards the kindred. Any wife should be aware of this secret property of milk, and feed with milk her husband, which will be a guarantee of the happiest and peaceful family life.

Quality of Milk

Milk is closely linked with the Moon. That is why the best effect can be reached when milk is bought and consumed on Mondays. The best qualities of milk are exposed when the Moon rests in the constellation of Taurus (the exaltation). The quality of milk is the worst when the Moon is in the constellation of Scorpio (the decline). The Moon governs the constellation of Cancer and yields good results in this sign.
Most friendly planets for milk are the Sun (viewed as a planet in ancient times) and the Mercury. The other planets are neutral. Milk has no enemies.

The Favorable Influence Exerted by Milk

By influencing the attractiveness and appeasement, being the crucial factors of family life, milk provides for the increase of long-lasting marriages. Divorces shall be prevented by increasing the supply of milk products. Any man consuming milk, irrespective of sex, treats his relatives decently and respects his (or her) mother.
Milk inspires a desire for overall personal improvement and strife for philosophical studies. Milk restores good memory suppressing exasperation, strain and stress, as mostly these factors instigate memorization of negative information and considerably ruin efficiency of memory.
Milk, through appeasement, leads to shrewdness.
Milk stimulates a quest for the Divine Universal Truth. An appeased man is better suited to conceive the Divine. The sagacity of an appeased man helps him to pierce through historical time in an attempt to reach the Heavenly Source of Divine Light. It is like comparing stormy troubled water and still water: still water is transparent, and one can easily see deep down to the bottom.

Milk and Beauty

An appeased man is capable to notice the beauty of nature.
Milk helps a husband to cherish the beauty of his wife, preventing her from growing older. A womans bosom also derives its beauty from the mysterious power of milk. Milk makes the mans character good and gentle, and fills his heart with mercy. Milk teaches a man to forgive, which is the main prerequisite for health and tranquility. Milk develops the right hemisphere of brain, activating the sub-conscious, intuition and creativity.
A disregard towards milk and its consumption provokes in a womans character instability, changeability of mood and attitudes, capriciousness, abnormal psychics, and a tendency to put blame on others.
With men, the worst consequence of this disregard manifests in adultery.

Milk and Health

Milk is a panacea for a womans beauty and health, family life and childbirth. Milk bestows human beings with beautiful eyes and faces, especially, if at the moment of birth, the Moon is located in the constellation of a newly-born, which has always been considered a sign of graciousness.
Milk is a miraculous product containing all the substances stimulating the superior forms of human activity.
Regular consumption of milk cures almost all maladies, restores memory, brings full appeasement, refines sensation, and guarantees longevity.
Some researchers have come up with an erroneous inference that the frequent consumption of milk is harmful. There are several reasons for this mistake. The most frequent one is a wrong definition of the usefulness of milk. The usefulness of milk does not consist in milk proteins, but in its vital intrinsic biological vigor.
Some scientists, having analyzed the chemical composition of milk, found out that milk is hard for digestion, and by consequence, allegedly, is harmful. But it is precisely here, where another mistake arises: the property of being slowly digested is one of the advantages of milk.
The secret rests in following the main principles of consumption of milk. A small quantity of milk, drunk before sleep, stays in the human organism quite long, which is very much favorable for full satiation of the organism with the biological vigor of tranquility and self-curing. The same principle works with the salubrious grass or plants. And the salubrious stones, moreover, can preserve the biologically healing power for centuries.
Here is an example of a pseudo-scientific approach. The researchers of one of the leading scientific laboratories decided to synthesize the flavor of strawberry. Following the thorough analysis of constituents, according to the obtained formula, they performed a synthesis, using artificial ingredients. The result was never short of shocking. Instead of the expected aroma of strawberry they obtained the smell of burnt rubber.
Bovine milk heals all diseases via the change of consciousness. This method of treatment is the most powerful. It is the human nervous system, being the primary source of possible deviations in organism, which is directly affected in this kind of treatment.
Milk with saffron added strengthens the cardiovascular and nervous systems, improves complexion, and inspires a merry and delightful mood.
A woman deprives a man of his virile vitality, and milk, on the contrary, restores it for him.
Due to its relation to the Moon, milk impacts the human mind and eliminates overexcitement of the nervous system: trembling of hands stops, fatigue and weakness disappear.
If a mother is calm, she can easily soothe her child by the vigor of her milk. If she is in the state of exasperation, her milk loses its properties, and the child cannot fall asleep.
If the vital vigor of milk is not available, any disease acquires a chronic character.
An anti-inflammatory property of milk can be strengthened with the help of fresh vegetables and yoga.
Milk heals female diseases, psychic diseases, eyes, bronchial tubes, mucous membranes.
Milk, via its relation to the Moon, governs child conception and birth, protects during pregnancy, accelerates recovery, facilitates digestion of vegetables, improves female hormonal functions and the secretion of milk glands, and regulates the menstrual cycle.
Due to its cooling effect, in winter, milk may cause catarrhal diseases.
Factors Increasing the Beneficial Impact of Milk:
  • A sleep, starting from 21.00p.m., augments the efficiency of milk, especially for women.
  • Pearls, silver, and a moon stone match milk very much.
  • White, silver, and violet are the best friendly colors of milk.

A Correct Recipe for Milk Consumption

Milk is drinkable on evenings or early in the morning only. Otherwise, it is not useful for digestion.
In the evening, drink a required quantity of hot sweet milk. It is digested quite slowly, calming the brain activity and influencing the human mind.
The best time for drinking milk is from 19 till 20p.m. After this period, no other food should be taken.
The required quantity of milk shall be determined in the morning, depending on the formation of slime and personal sensations on awakening. If it is hard to get up, and slime is abundant, the doze of milk should be reduced until you have reached such a state of mind, when having awaken, you feel free and happy.
If on awakening, you feel overstrained, this will mean that the doze of milk was insufficient. This symptom should be eliminated with the help of additional consumption of hot milk with saffron early in the morning.
A habitual norm of the evening milk may vary from a tea spoonful to one and a half glasses, though in general, appropriation of milk will gradually rise.
Milk shall be taken hot, having brought it to a boil for three consecutive times, with obligatory addition of cardamom, cinnamon, honey or sugar, depending on your individual constitution.
Milk shall be drunk at small gulps, as hot as it is bearable, but with precautions to avoid burning. Only in so doing, milk will accelerate the expansion of consciousness.
The digestion of milk is directly dependent on our psychological state. Anger, malice, envy and strife for propagation of evil will cause the absolute indigestion of milk. At the same time, goodness, mercy, truthfulness will considerably raise the appropriation of milk.
Despite the fact that the fresh milk derived directly from the udder is comparable to nectar, fresh milk is very dangerous because of possible brucellosis. Therefore milk shall be boiled before drinking.
Dried milk preserves the fresh milks biological value, and is recommended for consumption if the whole milk is not available.
To facilitate digestion of milk and satiate it with a vital vigor, it may be mixed with air by way of repeatedly pouring it from one glass to another.
The re-boiled milk is not considered good any more. Before drinking, the remaining yesterdays milk should be warmed up, but not re-boiled.

The Secret of Rejuvenation

One of the most invaluable peculiarities of milk is its property to extend duration of life. Gerontology confirms that, after having reached the age of 70-72 years, a man needs the fluids of a young body. Therefore he should drink milk during the full moon, and afterwards take some sugar powder, as sugar prevents milk from curdling.
The Japanese researchers confirmed that milk yields a positive effect for patients affected with radioactive irradiation.

The Soporific Effect of Milk

However much of a surprise it might be, but milk substitutes for sleeping pills. The
English are accustomed to drink a glass of milk before sleep every evening. And it is generally accepted that it is precisely this habit which helps them to have a good sleep overnight. They sleep tight even in the second half of night, i.e. during the period when ordinary chemical soporific substances have already lost their effect.

Milk and Gestation

According to the Vedic tradition, women willing to bear a child must feed themselves with milk only during 12 days before conception. The desired state of appeasement can be easier achieved by adding to milk some spices such as ginger, cinnamon and cardamom, which also decrease the content of slime in the body.

The Compatibility of Food Products

Milk is compatible with nutmegs, cardamom, turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon.
Incompatibility: The golden Vedic rule is that the fruit are never taken together with other food.
Milk is not compatible with salt, bananas, melons, cheese, sour fruit, bread baked on yeast, green pumpkin, lemons, vegetable oil, reddish, sesame sweets, and yoghurt.
Warning! Never take milk with salt.